Friday, September 16, 2011

Ariana Grande Cute Pictures

I always wants to be like Ariana Grande. She is so cute and beautiful. I always thinks that she looks like an Indian Girl.

Race without Legs

Look at this man ! What an awesome confidence. Race without Legs !

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Earthquake in NCR

I have faced Earthquake first time in my Life some minutes ago. It was so horrible. I have read news now that it it was 6.6 magnitude earthquake which hits NCR


Sabzi Mein Aisi Kon Si Sabzi Hai,
Jiske Naam Ka Pehla Akshar Hatao,
To Kimti Chiz Ka Naam Ban Jaata Hai,
Or Aakhri Akshar Hatao To,
Khaane Ki Chiz Ka Naam Ban Jaata Hai,
Or Dono Hatao To Ladki Ka Naam Ban Jaata Hai ???

Batao batao.....Reema wants to know

Reema is back

Reema is back from US after a long time. I will bring you more naughty content very soon.

I am very sad and disappointed after knowing about the blast in New Delhi.

Oh God ! Please come back again.